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Getting The Hang of Things!

An early step in developing your Bubble Sprite!


One of the first things you Learn, is how to Get the hang of things!


In this prompt, you'll draw or write about your Bubble Sprite learning how to use their powers!

Are they able to breathe fire? Maybe they can shoot water out of their hands? Perhaps they can conjure the wind, but only when they hold their breath? Or maybe it's just that they can grow any plant they want, no matter how hard! As long as their abilities have something to do with their element, it can be anything!

You may submit this prompt two times per character!

Art requirements:
  • Minimum of a flat colored full body!

Art Bonuses:
  • Simple Background » +10 Coins
  • Complex Background » +30 coins
  • Creativity (Unique use of Power) » +1x Small Bag


Writing requrements:

  • Minimum 300 words!


Writing Bonuses:
  • Detail » +5 Coins per 100 words
  • Creativity (Unique use of Power) » +1x Small Bag


Once you've completed your art or writing, submit it to this prompt, and it'll be reviewed! As soon as it is approved, you'll be able to participate in the rest of the story prompts!



Reward Amount
Coins 50
Magical Certificate 1
Gift Art!

Get rewarded when you draw for others!


You can get rewarded for drawing other peoples' Bubble Sprites!

  • Submit a drawing or writing you made for someone else (commissions do not count), and you'll get gems for it!
  • You can submit this prompt three times a month!
  • No minimum requirements for this prompt, as any gift is acceptable! But please put effort into them! ♡ 

Cant find a Bubble Sprite to draw? You're always welcome to draw Puck, the species mascot!


Reward Amount
Gems 10
Doc’s Lab Assistant

Help Doc make your very own Mutation Potion!


Help Wanted: Lab Assistant!


Within the village is a potions expert, Doc! He's in search for a temporary lab assistant, and will let you keep the potion you make today! Here's what he needs from you:

Write or draw about Doc and his assistant! This can be your own Bubble Sprite, or you can ask fellow community members to use theirs! Or if you'd like, you can use our mascot Puck, or NPCs Thalia or Mary!



Art requirements:
  •  Full color drawing with a simple background. Can alternatively be a greyscale-style image with shading.
  •  Minimum two Bubble Sprites, one of which will be Doc!
  •  Draw them working with lab equipment, making potions. The specific equipment doesn't matter, as long as it makes sense!

Art Bonuses:
  • +10 Coins per extra character!
  • +5 Gems for "polish" (extra effort to make the piece nice and clean!)
  • +5 Gems for detailed background!



Writing requirements:
  • Minimum 600 words!
  • Features at least two Bubble Sprites, one of which is Doc!
  • Write about them making potions in a lab! The specifics are up to you as long as it makes sense!

Writing Bonuses:
  • +10 coins per extra character with significant feature!
  • +5 Gems for detailed descriptions!
  • +1 Gems for every 100 extra words (max 5 extra Gems bonus)


You may only do this prompt one time, so please keep that in mind when using your rewards! 


Reward Amount
Mutation Potion 1
Coins 50
Mutation Potion (Recipe) 1
Home, Sweet Pod!

Develop your Bubble Sprite by showing us their home!


What kind of place do you live in?

Bubble Sprites live in pods made of a clay-like substance, imbued with their magic! They can be hung from the massive willow tree in their village, on the ground near it, down by the river, or anywhere else in Altheo. Your Bubble Sprite has been tasked with building their own pod house, so you'll draw or write about it!


Lore requirements:
  •  The material that their houses are made of will have a desaturated color to it. This color will be directly tied to their element!
    • Fire - Reds and Oranges, or if your Bubble Sprite has an unnatural fire color, speckles of that color!
    • Water - Blues and Purples, tho they can have a bit of color too (Teal).
    • Earth - Greens and Browns are best suited!
    • Air - Any shade of Grey, though it can have speckles of other colors.
    • Light - Yellows or Greys show for this element!
    • Dark - Purples or Near-Black colors.

The only other way for the pod to be a different color, is if it were painted! Which is completely allowed, but must be shown somehow in your prompt piece!


Art requirements:

This will be an Art-Only prompt!

  • Must show your Bubble Sprite's pod house and your Bubble Sprite
  • Simple backgrounds are required, but do not need to be super detailed. Just to show location.


Art Bonuses:
  • Decoration (If you give their pod some decoration or the area around it some personal touch) »  +5 Gems
  • Interior  (They have small houses, but showing the interior would be a nice touch!) » +5 Gems
  • Extra Helpers (Have other Bubble Sprites come to help? How lovely!) » +3 Gems per helper


Reward Amount
Coins 50
Gems 5
House Deed 1
Miniature Tamers!

Learn to tame a tiny pet!


Does your bubble sprite want a buddy?

Well, they can now learn to tame their own! As a matter of fact, you'll be able to earn the trust of a little Silk Caterpillar! It's pretty simple, since they just really like fruit and will probably follow you around!


This prompt will require you to write or draw about a Bubble Sprite playing with a Silk Caterpillar!


Art Requirements:
  • Minimum colored half-body of a Bubble Sprite!
  • Must include a Silk Caterpillar in the piece!


Art Bonuses:
  • Full Body Bonus (drawing more than the half body) » +5 Coins
  • Simple Background Bonus » +10 coins
  • Complex Backgound Bonus » +20 coins
  • Extra Character Bonus » +5 coins per character


Writing Requirements:
  • Minimum 300 words!
  • Must include at least one Bubble Sprite and a Silk Caterpillar!


Writing Bonuses:
  • Extra Words bonus » +10 coins per 100 words
  • Extra Character Bonus » +5 coins per focus character


You may submit this prompt as many times as you want! If you don't have a Bubble Sprite, feel free to draw our mascot, Puck, or one of the NPCs, Doc, Thaliaor Mary!


Reward Amount
Silk Caterpillar 1
Pet Rock Generation 1(Recipe) 1
Pet Rock Generation 2 (Recipe) 1
Coins 20
Sculpture Class

Have your Bubble Sprite show their creative side!


Bubble Sprites are pretty good at creating things! So for this prompt, you'll draw or write about a Bubble Sprite creating a sculpture! Perhaps they use their powers to bruise an ice sculpture, or grow a magnificent topiary. Or perhaps they whip out a chisel and carve a block of stone the old fashion way. It's all up to you!

You may submit this prompt up to two times. If you do not have a Bubble Sprite to use, feel free to ask to use someone else's! Additionally, you may draw Azazel, or our NPCs Doc, Mary, or Thalia, or our mascot Puck!

Pet bonuses are allowed, meaning if you include a pet that you own, you'll get a bonus for them!


Art Requirements
  • Minumum colored half body of a Bubble Sprite (can be greyscale)
  • Minimum one "sculpture" (can be anything!)
Art Bonuses
  • +5 Coins per Extra Character
  • +10 Coins for Simple Background
  • +20 Coins for Complex Background
Writing Requirements
  • Minimum 300 Words
  • Must include at least one Focus Character
Writing Bonuses
  • +5 Coins per every additional 100 words
  • +10 Coins per extra Focus Character


Reward Amount
Gems 10
Fluff Nest 1
Dew Drop Dance

Show your Bubble Sprites’ love!


In the name of love...


The "Dew Drop Dance" is essentially the mating ritual of a Bubble Sprite. The day after it rains, two Bubble Sprites will find a secluded spot in the forest, and perform a special dance. This dance looks different for each pair, so there isn't a right or wrong way to do it! As they dance, they'll expel magic from themselves and into the air, where it'll accumulate within the drops of nearby water. These droplets, if nurtured, will then harden and turn into a glass-like egg, which will then be able to hatch anew Bubble Sprite! Generally, a couple will only nurture a single droplet, since it takes a lot of magical energy to properly nurture it.


This year, Thalia has taken it upon herself to help Bubble Sprites find perfect spots to perform their dances, and in turn, create life!



Draw or Write about Your Bubble Sprites performing the Dew Drop Dance!


General Rules
  • All submissions must be SFW! (Bubble Sprites are an asexual species!)
  • You must own at least one of the Bubble Sprites in the submission!
  • If using a Bubble Sprite you don't own, you must have permission to include them.
  • Characters must be adults! Children cannot perform this ritual.


Art Requirements
  • Minimum of two full body drawings, with color, shading, and a simple background required.
Art Bonuses
  • +5 Gems for Complex Background
  • +3 Gems per unique frame of Animation


Writing requirements
  • Minimum of 1000 words, featuring at least two characters.
Writing Bonuses
  • +3 Gems per 100 extra words


All bonus prizes can be converted into Coins if preferred, multiply bonus rewards by 4! Please add a note to the submission saying you wish for coins instead of gems!


Reward Amount
Dew Drop 1
Oh My… Humans?

Give your Bubble Sprite a humanoid form!


Attention all Bubble Sprites!

A mysterious potion has been found amongst the healer's medicines! And what's even worse, people have started drinking them! This bottle seems to strip away fur and scales, as well as change hooves into feet... are they turning human? Almost, but not quite!

Bubble Sprites who have consumed this potion seem to gain access to a humanoid form they can shift into at will! Despite this, they keep certain key features, but also develop some that neither they nor humans have!

Prompt objective

You will be designing a humanoid form for your Bubble Sprite! When doing so, be sure to keep these traits accurate on the character:

  • Tails
  • Horns
  • Teeth
  • Eye Colors

Additionally, they now possess these new traits to be included in this form:

  • Colored Nails (same color as their hooves)
  • Elf-like Ears (with fluff on the inside)


Because this is a design prompt, it will only accept visual art submissions. The minimum requirement is a flat colored Full Body!


Prompt Rewards
  • Humanoid Potion Award (this allows you to submit future prompts using the humanoid version of your Bubble Sprite)
  • 30 Coins


Reward Amount
Coins 30
Humanoid Potion 1
General Submissions

Claim rewards for personal art and writing!


Have you been doing art or writing of your bubble sprites?


Well now you can claim rewards for that! This prompt is specifically to be able to claim Coins or Gems for personal pieces! This means that the piece was made without the purpose of being submitted for a specific prompt! This is so that you can be rewarded for your personal artwork, since it cannot add to the value of a character itself!


General Piece information:
  • Please be sure that all content is SFW!!! Gore is allowed, but must include the Content Warning!
  • All pieces must be submitted to the General Gallery before being submitted here! So ONLY links from the site will count!
  • All pieces must include at least one Bubble Sprite that you own to qualify for this "prompt"!
  • You may claim for Coins, or for 25% of the amount in Gems! (Rounded up) Please specify which you'd want to be rewarded in. If you don't specify, you'll be automatically given Coins!
  • Pets items can be earned in this prompt! So including a pet that you own in a piece or artwork or writing will grant you their Gift! Can be stacked with multiple pets!


Artwork Reward Criteria:

Requirements for all pieces: Color of some type! This can be full color, or stylistic Grayscale, but it can't be plain lineart or a colorless sketch!


  • Icons/Busts » 5 Coins per Bubble Sprite you own included.
  • Chibis/Full Bodies » 15 Coins per Bubble Sprite you own included.

Add-Ons (In addition to above reward criteria):

  • Shading » 5 Coins
  • Simple Background » 5 coins
  • Complex Background » 20 Coins (Must include a clear foreground, middle ground, and background. Or have great detail!)
  • Gift Art » 3 Coins per Bubble Sprite that you do NOT own included.

Animation Rules:

  • Each unique pose drawn will count as a new piece, and can be judged accordingly. (Example: an animation with 10 completely uniquely drawn full bodies will count for 150 coins!)
  • Simple animations such as blinking, or smear frames where the figure cannot be clearly made out, do not count for animation bonuses! (Example: the previous example of an animation with 10 frames, but 2 of them are smears (blurry transitions) will count as 8 full bodies, so 120 coins!)


Writing reward Criteria:

Criteria for this is a bit more vague, since I'm not going to be judging based on grammar or content!

  • 5 Coins per 100 words


No rewards.


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Give your Bubble Sprite a mermaid tail!


Happy Mermay!

A little red headed Merboy was seen in the waters surrounding Altheo... when he gave a kiss to a Bubble Sprite, they sprouted a fish tail! So now they're all lining up for a kiss from the boy to join him in swimming!



Draw or write about your Bubble Sprite becoming a mermaid!If you do not own a Bubble Sprite, you may draw our Mascot, Puck instead! Or you may ask other community members if you can draw theirs!


Art Requirements

  • Minimum one flat colored, fullbody drawing!
  • Depict your Bubble Sprite having a merfolk tail!
  • The fins on the end of the tail must be a clear container, like their bubbles!

Art Bonuses

  • Simple Background » +3 Gems
  • Complex Background » +6 Gems
  • Extra Characters » +1 Gem per character

Writing Requirements

  • Minimum 300 words!
  • Write about your Bubble Sprite's experience as a Mer-Sprite!
Writing Bonuses
  • Extra Detail » +1 Gem per 100 words
  • Extra Characters » +1 Gem per focal Character


You may submit this prompt up to 3 times!


Reward Amount
Sea Grapes 1
Gems 10
10 results found.