Terms of Service

Created: 21 March 2023, 20:25:51 UTC
Last updated: 17 March 2024, 22:10:35 UTC
It is crucial that all members read and understand everything in this document.


These terms are enabled across all platforms of media for the Bubble Sprite Species, including: the BubbleSprites Lorekeeper Site, the AltheonBubbleSprites Instagram, the Bubble Sprites Discord Server, and any other social media posts or accounts. Being a part of this community, by making an account on the site, you agree to these terms. Anyone found to be continuously ignoring or disrespecting these terms will be given a penalty, whether it be a warning, strike or a ban. Failure to follow these terms may also lead to the termination of your account on this site, as well as a spot on the Bubble Sprites blacklist.



Community Behavior


All members of the Bubble Sprite community will respect others. This is not a flexible rule. Anyone who is being intentionally rude or cruel to other members in or outside of the community will be given a warning. Failure to change attitude can result in a strike or a ban. Additionally, this is a very open-minded community and shall be a safe space for people of many backgrounds. So any racism, homophobia, xenophobia, pedophilia, zoophilia, transphobia, sexism, etc. will not be tolerated.

Participation in our Discord server is not required for being in the community. However, being banned from the server may also result in being out on the Blacklist for the community, depending on the severity of the actions that led you to be banned.

The following behavior can is considered unacceptable in this community:

  • Call-outs, bullying, or harassment of anyone for any reason is not allowed. If you have an issue with another member, bring it up with a member of staff.
  • Racism, homophobia, xenophobia, pedophilia, zoophilia, transphobia, sexism, etc. will not be tolerated. This will most likely result in an immediate ban.
  • Guilt tripping, whining, or complaining is not acceptable. We understand that you may have wanted [X item], but that doesn't give you the right to guilt trip the person who got it, or whine that you couldn't afford it.
  • Tracing artwork or plagiarism of writing done in the community. Do not copy someone else's hard work, unless you've been given explicit permission to do so.
  • Rip-Offs of someone else's character are not tolerated (Bubble Sprite or not). Coincidences happen, but if you create a character that is a near carbon copy of someone else's Bubble Sprite, or make a Bubble Sprite nearly identical to someone's OC, you may be asked to change its design.
  • Harassing another user into selling you their Bubble Sprite is unacceptable. If someone wants to put their character up for sale, they'll do so. Do not bother someone who has no intention of getting rid of their character. Furthermore, so not pester someone who has declined your offer.
  • Stirring up drama will result in an immediate warning. If you are asked to drop the topic, and continue, you'll be given a strike, or even a ban, depending on the severity of the conversation.




Character creation


"Inspired" characters

Bubble Sprites are a Closed Species. This means that you may not make one without going through the proper steps of gaining a MYO or Character. However, characters inspired by the species are not forbidden! No one can stop you from making an Anthro character with a bubble tail. As long as the character is not being advertised as a Bubble Sprite in any way, shape, or form, there is no problem with making an inspired character. Additionally, if you see a character that may seem like a blatant rip-off, please report it to Jelli. Do not harass the creator. Any instigating of hostile conversations with someone will result in a warning, strike or ban, no matter how justified you may feel. We do not condone any "White Knight" behavior. 


Copywrite characters

Due to the finicky rules of copywriting, there will not be any Bubble Sprites made that are "inspired" by canonical characters or species. This includes (but is not limited to) characters from video games, anime, movies, or other Closed Species. So if you ever obtain a MYO, and it appears to be heavily inspired by another character (ex: Pikachu Bubble Sprite. Yellow with red cheeks, obvious lightning motif, and other patterns resembling the Pokémon), you will be asked to change its design.



When redesigning a Bubble Sprite, please be sure to refer to the Design Guide. Generally speaking, as long as it's recognizable as the original, you may redesign your Bubble Sprite. There is no limit on how many times they can be redesigned. If you commission someone (with real money) to redesign the character, that will add to the character's worth. Please be sure to add this worth to the "comments" section of the design submission.


Selling Characters

All characters on the Masterlist have a "Sale Value". If you want to sell your character, they can not be sold for more than this value. To raise their Sale Value, you'll need to get your Bubble Sprite appraised, which means you'll add any commissioned artwork value to their Sale Value. Due to the abuse of the meaning of 'art value' for personal pieces, we do not allow personal artwork, gifts, art trades, or any pieces earned by similar means to be added to the monetary value of a character. You can obtain the form to appraise your Bubble Sprite by messaging Jelli or someone from staff about it.




User Age


All members of the community should be 13 years of age or older. The ToS of Discord, DeviantArt, and Toyhouse all need their users to be 13+ to sign up, therefore to be able to properly participate in the Bubble Sprites community, you must follow the age rules of these other sites. If you are under the age of 13, please avoid engaging in the community until you are eligible to sign up. To purchase a Bubble Sprite with real money, you must be 18+, as per PayPal rules. Anyone who is found to be under the minimum age will be kicked. Multiple attempts to bypass the age restriction will lead to a permanent ban.

Bubble Sprites are a community where people can develop their characters in whatever way they want. This means that there can be some more adult themes, such as violence, drug use, or dark themes. We as a community will not be responsible for anyone who is exposed to these themes due to being under the required age.




Warnings, Strikes, and Bans


This is the penalty system often used in communities just like Bubble Sprites. Penalties will be kept private between Jelli, staff, and the user that is involved. We will never share information on how many warnings or strikes someone has. There are multiple steps to this system.

  • Warnings - Warnings will be given to minor rule breaks, or for unintentional breaks. Once a user has been given 3 warnings, they'll be given a strike.
  • Strikes - Strikes are a little more serious, from either having multiple minor rules being broken (either on one, or multiple occasions), or for larger rule breaks that wont be covered by a simple warning. Once a user has been given 3 strikes, They will be banned.
  • Bans - Bans are a removal from the community. There are two types of bans: Temporary Bans and Permanent Bans. Temporary Bans are similar to a suspension, often for a set amount of time to let situations simmer down and be handled. During this time, a user will not be able to interact with the community directly, via the Discord. They will also not be allowed to participate in events or official sales until the duration of the ban is over. Permanent Bans are an indefinite removal from the community. The user will not be allowed to return to the Discord, nor participate in any events or sales for the foreseeable future. Additionally, and Bubble Sprites they own will be voided, meaning they will no longer be associated with the species, and all of their site currency and items will be deleted.

Please be sure to follow our rules to prevent any penalties. Any attempts to get around Warnings, Strikes, or Bans will not be tolerated.


Community Lingo


CS (Closed Species) - This is a term that describes an orignal species that requires special permission to make. Bubble Sprites are considered a Closed Species, so creating one requires obtaining a MYO, or getting a character via Sales or Events.

MYO (Make Your Own) - This is a common acronym that refers to a special "Ticket" in Closed Species communities. "Make Your Own" means that you have gotten the rights to create your very own original character that follows the rules of a certain species, and have it officially recognized as part of the community.

FTO (First Time Owner) - FTOs are a type of person who does not own, or has never owned a Bubble Sprite. They may have priorities in certain raffles and events.

NO (Non-Owner) - These people have owned a Bubble Sprite in the past, but no longer own one. Their previous ownership sets them apart from FTOs.

FFA (Free For All) - Some sales or raffles will specify if they are only for FTOs, or if they're FFA, meaning anyone can enter them.

FCFS (First Come First Serve) - This often refers to a quick type of sale where the fastest person to claim or purchase the character wins.

Raffle Sale - This is a special type of sale, almost the opposite of a FCFS sale. Any potential buyers will enter a raffle, and only the winner of the raffle will pay for the character.

UFO (Up For Offers) - Characters that are UFO are looking to trade their character for one of many types of things, including: money, other characters, artwork, physical items, etc. Please be sure to pay attention to what someone is looking for before offering!

UFS (Up For Sale) - Similar to UFO, this term normally means someone is trying to sell their character specifically. If someone has their character UFS instead of UFO, make sure to only make monetary offers. And remember: Bubble Sprites can only be sold at a maximum of their Sale Value.

EO (Entertaining Offers) - When someone has a character EO, this means they are only trying to see what they could get in a trade, and often times will not actually sell or trade that character. This is usually due to them being tentative on letting the character go, but also being curious as to what they could receive.

Please be aware of these terms and respect the use of them! Lastly, I hope everyone enjoys their time being a part of the Bubble Sprites community! ♡ 

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