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September Updates!

Posted 8 months ago :: Last edited 8 months ago by Jelli

We have lots of new updates this month!


First off, I wanna welcome our new members, and remind y'all that we have a Discord Server for this community that has more mini events, adopt sales, and live updates! Second, I wanna introduce a bunch of new features that have been implemented to the site!


User Shops

As this suggests, this are shops made and run by Members of the community! You can put anything into your inventory into the shop, and price it however you want! Anyone can purchase items from the shop, and you'll be immediately transferred the currency! These shops also support simple HTML coding, and can be customized with artwork! You can find the pages for these shops under the "World" tab up top, or you can click here.



These are tiny rewards that you can claim once a day. There may be multiple you can claim but at this time I've started it with just a singular daily, called Fountain Cleaning. There may be more in the future, so keep your eyes open! You can also find the Dailies page under the "World" tab!

Site Secrets

This is a never-ending scavenger hunt that I've set up, where you can find tiny prizes around! You tap on the image and collect a prize. As of posting this, there are Five boxes hidden on the site! Here's your first one:

First Secret Box

Character Pairings

This is still in the testing stages, but there has been a "Pairings" feature added. This allows for two Bubble Sprites to create an offspring, via using an item! You may notice the page in the "Home" tab at the top, and this feature goes hand in hand with the Dew Drop Dance prompt, which will go live during the month of February! This prompt will grant you a Dew Drop item, which allows you to create a MYO with random features of both parents! Very exciting!


Since September 20th is my (Jelli) birthday, there's been a free MYO Game up on the site! This ends tomorrow at 8pm EST. If you miss it this year, it'll be back up again next year for y'all too at the same time so I hope you look forward to it!



Lastly, I wanna let y'all know that the Galleries on the site have been fixed! So you can submit your prompt artwork and all other general Bubble Sprite art to these galleries on the site, instead of having to source out from other websites for links! This is a tiny fix but I'm happy it's finally here!


Small Site Revamp!

Posted 8 months ago :: Last edited 8 months ago by Jelli

Hey everyone! Just wanna let y'all know of a couple things I've changed to make this more game-like, and more enjoyable for those who cannot afford to use real money!


»  Beginner Shop

I've created a "Beginner Shop" that will allow everyone to obtain a free Common MYO Egg, as well as a gift box in the form of a Large Chest! I hope this will make everyone's participation easier. This will also get rid of the FTO role, and any raffles that would've pertained to this role will be replaced with "one or less owned" raffles!


» September MYO GAME

As some may know, I have a video game that will be opening in the middle of September (13th -20th). This was originally gonna be a FTO game, to be able to get a free MYO! However, since the beginner shop now exists, everyone will be able to now obtain a MYO from this game, or be able to choose one of the "equivalent prizes"! These prizes are: 200 Coins, Two Unusual Potions, or One Rare Potion!


» Minigame Discord Channel

I've also added a mini games channel on our Discord, and this will be used at random times as tiny games with tiny prizes! A new role has been added to the server for those who wanna be pinged for it!

» Other Teeny Site Changes

There have been a few other little changes around the site!

- New Meta Image (the pic you see when sending a BubbleSprites link)

- Adjusted Common Egg Recipe (No longer needing Gems)

-Resale Value on all available items has been updated!


Overall I hope this will bring the community closer, and welcome new members easier! ♡