Altheon Bubble Sprites

Created: 22 March 2023, 23:50:15 UTC
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Altheon Bubble Sprites



Altheon Bubble Sprites - Bubble Sprites for short - are a primarily bipedal species with elemental powers that are concentrated in a glass bubble on the end of their tail. This page will go over several aspects of the species, such as Anatomy and Lifestyle!


If you'd like to learn about the magical aspect of Bubble Sprites specifically, please click the book below to read the Book of Magic!


This is Puck! He is our mascot and will be a visual guide to bubble sprite anatomy!


Bubble Sprites can be most easily compared to an anthropomorphic horse, mostly in the shape of their face, but very little more. For one thing, these creatures are omnivorous, and hunt for food often. They have adapted to be able to see better in the dark, but have trouble opening their eyes during the day as a result. To combat this, they also have large ears, that are very sensitive to sound. These features, along with a few others have been developed in a balance to make them perfect for living in a forest.

Defining Features:

» The horn on their heads is known as an "Egg Horn", and helps them break out of their glass eggs as a fetus. Because of this, a single horn is the most common, but occasionally they can be born with two, or maybe even three horns on their head.

» These large, fluffy ears help them make up for their sensitive eyesight. The weight of the ears has made them develop to be downward facing, almost lop-like.  Theoretically, one can hear a fish swimming in the river from about 50 meters away!

» In contrast to their incredible hearing, Bubble Sprites have sensitive eyes, and have trouble seeing in bright light. They almost always have their eyes closed because of this, and only open them near dawn and dusk, when their vision is the best.

» Their hands have a strong shell on the fingers, very similar in substance to their horns. This makes it easier to climb the massive willow tree that most of them call home.

» The scales on their bellies and tails protect their very vulnerable skin underneath. Additionally, the shape of the belly scales can vary, as long as they cover their whole belly and attach to their tail.

 » Most Bubble Sprites bare sharp teeth, due to them being omnivores. They also have the ability to unhinge their jaw (much like a snake), and their jaw power is strong enough to crush a watermelon in their mouths.

» At the end of their feet, most Bubble Sprites have hooves! These hooves can be whole or cloven commonly, but sometimes have three segments (like an elephant). They can run extremely fast!

» Most importantly, all Bubble Sprites have a "glass" bubble on the end of their tail. These used to be their softer eggs, and once they are born, their tail attaches almost like an umbilical cord, to the egg, and it hardens fully to be their source of energy. Bubble Sprites protect these bubbles with their lives, and if it were to break, the Bubble Sprite would be consumed in raw concentrated energy, until they pass away.


You can view more details of their features and traits in the Trait Encyclopedia !

If you have a MYO, please refer to the Design Guide!






Bubble Sprites are relatively social creatures, most living together in a place called Altheo (Below). Within this place, is an incredibly large willow tree, standing at roughly 368 feet tall. These creatures find the tree to be sacred, and thus try to make their homes as close to the tree as possible. A lot of them build pods (Left) and hang them from the branches of the sacred tree. And since Bubble Sprites mostly just use their homes for resting, they don't need to be very big not heavy. Just large enough to nest into!


Those who choose not to nest within the tree, build their pods on the ground near it. The color of the pod is dependent on the element of the Bubble Sprite. Earth sprites will have a brown or desaturated green pod, Fire types make dull red or maroon ones, Water types produce a dull blue, and Air types have grey. This is due to the magical energy output when they build them out of strong clays, the color changes with the elemental energy of the builder. It makes it a little easier to identify one's house!



Since Bubble Sprites are omnivores, they eat fruits, vegetables, and meats. Their primary diet consists of fruits and fish, though! The trees provide some
types of fruits, as well as the fertile soil being perfect for farming other types.
They generally prefer the sweeter taste of fruits that they grow themselves. The natural water supply that the land gives them makes a good breeding ground for small species of fish, which they eat in moderation, as to be sure to not make them go extinct. Quite a few Bubble Sprites also own sanctuaries and breeding farms for fish, to keep the population plentiful!



Bubble Sprites have a very curious nature, and as such, explore the vast forest around their home. Within some cities in their world, they have learned the concept of "jobs" or "careers", and some of their species have decided to dedicate their lives to these paths! Some known life paths are:


» Healers - These Sprites are essentially the doctors of the village, and there's never too many! They use a cover for their bubble, as sometimes elemental anonymity keeps a patient calm, as well as wear crystals and gold jewelry, due to a superstition that they hold healing capabilities.


» Farmers - Ones that choose this profession tend to the lands around the village! They have a particularly green thumb, and while Earth elementals are usually found in this profession, Bubble Sprites of every element find themselves drawn to a form of gardening.




» Artisans - Bubble Sprites with a creative side often end up in this path. Whether it be making baked goods, clothing, jewelry, or pottery, Artisans will find a way to make it and sell it!


Of course, these are just a couple examples, as Bubble Sprites have the intelligence to pick up virtually any trade! They also do not have to have a defined path, not do their paths need to be classified the same way they're shown here. Through prompts and events, you can make them whoever you want to be!